AngelPad #6: 92% raised a seed round post demo-day

Angelpad #6’s Demo Day was just over two and a half year ago. Back then AngelPad launched 12 companies, ranging from drone fleet management to email automation and construction management.  But where are they now, 30 months later? Did AngelPad “accelerate” them and are they successful?

AngelPad #6 cos raised $48m+, $4m average per company,  92% raised a seed round post demo-day, 55% of those raise an A-Round so far.  Does your head spin with numbers? Mine too ….

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VCs and Accelerators often like to speak about their success stories in aggregate and numbers averaging all of their companies, but as a Founder, average or aggregate do not help predict the success of the ONE company you work on:  yours. And after all an average is only what it conveys: average – who wants to be average?

Rather than focusing on AngelPad’s aggregate results (even though they are numbers we can be proud of), I find it more useful to look at one cohort a couple of years or so after they came out of AngelPad. As a Founder, two years is a very tangible and (somewhat) predictable timeframe. It shows meaningful medium term milestones, not just immediate post-demo-day-hype fundraising (yes, we have that too) or the very long term success (and yes, we can do that too).

You could wonder, why take a closer look at AngelPad 6 – Here is why:  AngelPad 6 companies are all about 3 years old – 6 month pre-AngelPad and 2.5 years post. If by now they have not raised a seed round, they are likely done. And if they are not well on their way raising an A-round, their days are likely numbered.  Raising an A-Round, gives them a fair shot at building a meaningful company. This is just a VC rule-of thumb as every seed-stage company raises about 24 months runway.

So, here we go: This are the real funding numbers for each and every company of our AngelPad #6 cohort – Spring 2013 along with the list of VCs and notable investors who funded them (the list of investors in not exhaustive – if I forgot you, forgive me and email me so I can add you).

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AngelPad #6  – A-Rounds:
 – $11m  @softtechVC @dcvc @emergencecap
Iterable – $9.2m @meruscapital @500startups @crv
Fieldwire – $7.7m  @bloombergbeta @trinityventures @formation8vc
Boxbee – $7.3m @floodgate @500 @GreatOaksVC @metamorphicvc
HumanAPI – $6.6m @a16z @iendeavors @bluerunventures
Pogoseat –  $3.3m @500 @jberrebi @jberrebi (and a few more)

AngelPad #6 – Seed Rounds:
Truly – $2.35m @boldstartvc @GreylockVC @indexventures @eniacVC
SensorTower – $1.1m @meruscapital @BDMIFund @ariel  @rembrandtvc
Roobiq – raised, but unannounced
The Shelf – raised, but unannounced

Acquired: – merged/acquired

Inactive: – raised, pivoted, shut down

At AngelPad, we care about each and every company and its success. We do not take a portfolio approach where only the winners do count and I think our success so far is a clear indicator of that approach.

We are now accepting applications for our session #10. If you are a founder with a big vision apply to AngelPad #10.


Correction: I initially posted wrong information about the time since AngelPad #6. Somehow I am stuck in 2015. AngelPad #6 is 30 months ago, not 18 months as I originally posted.