“AngelPad has become the anti-Y Combinator”

AngelPad has become one of the most reliable hit machines in Silicon Valley.

AngelPad #6 – Where Are They Now?

AngelPad #6 cos raised $48m+, $4m average per company, 92% raised a seed round post demo-day, 55% of those raise an A-Round so...

#1 Startup Accelerators 2015 / Platinum Tier 2016

Angelpad’s rise to the top is rooted in extremely high satisfaction of its graduates, high valuations for its portfolio companies and fundraising success.
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We build Successful Startups

10 cohorts – 130 companies – 300 founders – $550M funding
Periscope Data

Data Analysis & Visualisation. Raised $35m total, 2016 $25m Series B. AngelPad #5.


AngelPad #1
Raised $278M to date.


API Integration Management. AngelPad #5. Raised $7.8m from True Ventures, Redpoint and Mosaic.


AngelPad #1
Mobile Ads Exchange. Exited to Twitter for $750M. ex-Google team.


AngelPad #7
Marketplace for Home Painting. Raised over $12m.


AngelPad #3
Has over 50,000 customers & $10M in Revenue.


Personalization for Marketers. Raised over $32m from CRV and Index Ventures. AngelPad #6.


AngelPad #2
Company wide Collaboration. Acquired by Atlassian in 2015.

Meet the companies of AngelPad #10

AngelPad is smaller than peer accelerators like YC, 500 or TechStars, making it something like the elite, small college versus large state schools and...

Meet the 13 companies of AngelPad #9

AngelPad held its ninth “demo day” in San Francisco. As has become routine, its founders presented to a densely packed audience of invite-only guests.